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Our Mission


Scholar Program

HOW TO GET STARTED - Everything you need to know about starting your own Business


Female Founders Night also offers Scholar Programs which give you as an opportunity to jumpstart your idea.

Through a series of workshops, you can learn more about the multiple fronts that can challenge young entrepreneurs, such as but not limited to: financing, business development, brand building and how to network.

This event concept is primarily designed for female talents but is of course also accepting male applicants that have ideas in support of topics close to female interests such as fem tech etc. 

Workshops & Speakers

Do you already have a concrete business idea that makes a difference? 

Or are you pondering in what area of business you see room for improvement or the chance to make a personal impact?

Collaborate in our workshops with industry experts and prestigious companies who have gained both in depth and wide expertise in the processes of creating new and successful ventures.


Through the expertise of these accomplished individuals, you will learn more about the fundamentals of successfully starting your own business. 

Our workshops will help you to answer questions on how to find the right co-founder(s), how to build a strong and visible brand, what options for funding you want to consider and much, much more. 


Whether you like it or not: building a strong network is important, especially when developing a business.


As an attendee of the Scholar Program you will not only be able to meet and chat with our Female Founders Night speakers.

You will also be given the opportunity to meet like-minded students and aspiring entrepreneurs from some of the best universities around Europe.

You can use the Scholar Program as a platform to share knowledge, exchange ideas and to gain valuable insights both for yourself and your venture.

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