Friday | 14th of October 2022

FFN @ Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen

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The Female Founders Night is a student driven platform that brings together people of every gender passionate about diverse entrepreneurship. Through our events and happenings, we aim to form cooperations with universities and other partners all over Europe to create allyship for our vision. We want to give passionate founders a stage to talk about their experiences.


Giving female entrepreneurship a stage.

Through panels, keynotes and conversations we challenge existing limits and go beyond the stereotypes surrounding female founders.

Join forces. 

We believe in the power of bringing people with different backgrounds to- gether to connect and support one another, thereby showing how versatile founding can be.

De-tabooing and provoking thoughts.

We challenge our participants to check their own biases in order to reflect on their beliefs and reshape the stigma surrounding female founders.