our story

The Female Founders Night was started by students from Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen in 2018. After a kick-off event that year, the event-series was scaled up in 2019 by Paulina Gernandt, Julia Wünsche, and their team. With more than 250 participants, speakers from all over the world, high-class sponsors, and dozens of partners the Female Founders Night 2019 immediately became a booming success.

Now, the Female Founders Night has expanded its outreach to different cities where partnering individuals can organize events in cooperation with our core team. With this, we want to give everyone a chance to stand up for our mission and inspire others.


About Us

The Female Founders Night is an event with over 300 participants of every gender, that seeks to challenge the status quo about female entrepreneurship. 

Through our event, we want to give passionate founders a stage to talk about their experiences. 

Thereby encouraging participants to discover the diversity of founding by driving dialogue, action, and change forward.

our three step plan

Giving female entrepreneur-ship a stage

Through panels, keynotes and conversations we challenge existing limits and go beyond the stereotypes surrounding female founders.

De-tabooing and provoking thoughts

We challenge our participants to check their own biases in order to reflect on their beliefs and reshape the stigma surrounding female founders.

Join forces 

At our event people with different backgrounds connect and support each other, showing just how versatile founding can be. 

With the support of everyone we are making the founder landscape more diverse and inspiring.