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The Female Founders Night is a student-led initiative founded by students of the Zeppelin University in 2018. We are committed to building a platform of and for people of every gender passionate about entrepreneurship and founding.

Convinced that diverse perspectives drive creativity, innovation, and success in the entrepreneurial landscape, we are dedicated to break barriers, shatter stereotypes, and to create a global network of empowered female founders who are driving change and making waves in the world of business.


Each year, we proudly host the Female Founders Night at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen.

We bring together a dynamic community of around 300 participants who share a common passion for innovation, leadership and breaking barriers, whilst giving a stage to inspiring female founders who have successfully challenged the status quo to talk about their experiences and are aiming to motivate other women to embark on their own entrepreneurial journeys.


Through engaging panel discussions and keynote presentations, we aim to spark meaningful conversations, share insights, and equip attendees with the tools needed to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape.


We are committed to building a global network of like-minded students.

Through strategic collaboration with other universities, we strive to amplify our impact by encouraging the creation of similar initiatives and providing support in organising events that promote female leadership under the Female Founders Night ,,brand”.

The Female Founders Night is more than an initiative; it's a catalyst for change. Join us in redefining the future of entrepreneurship—one where diversity is celebrated.

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