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Supporting pioneers is part of ZEPPELIN UNIVERSITY's DNA. 

And that's why ZU gives its students plenty of space for their start-up ideas. In our start-up center, the PioneerPort, students learn to think entrepreneurially, regardless of their field of study or start-up idea. With our coaching services and highly competent network of alumni, big names in the start-up scene and experts from the field, founders find the best possible environment. Our particular focus is on the topic of value-added entrepreneurship. 




EXIST WOMEN funding program | ZUsammen - Empowering Female Pioneers

At the end of 2023, Zeppelin University will receive funding as an EXIST Women University and will therefore be able to support ten female scholarship holders with up to € 3,000 + € 2,000 lump sum for material costs per month to work on their start-up project in 2024 in addition to expanding measures for female entrepreneurship empowerment.

The overarching goal of the ZUsammen | Empowering Female Pioneers project is to further develop the existing wide range of support measures in the area of start-ups and entrepreneurship at Zeppelin University with an explicit focus on female entrepreneurship, involving all internal and external stakeholders. Student entrepreneurship initiatives such as "TATENDRANG e.V.", including the "Female Founders Night", which explicitly addresses female founders with an annual event on site and an additional one at European level, as well as the female empowerment initiative "fem:ability" already offer established information, networking, advice and support services within the university with an impact in the region and beyond. As part of the EXIST WOMEN funding programme, these formats and services are to be further developed and optimized as platforms for mentoring, advice and qualification.

"One of the goals of the German government's start-up strategy is to strengthen female start-up founders and diversity.

With EXIST-Women, women at their university who are interested in starting a business and have an affinity for entrepreneurship are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the topics of start-ups and self-employment at an early stage. Even more than before, the start-up networks at universities are to be encouraged to motivate female graduates, scientists, students and women with professional qualifications and a connection to the university (e.g. technical assistants, chemical-technical assistants, administrative assistants) to become entrepreneurs." (BMWK EXCIST WOMEN)

Click here for the EXIST Women funding program at ZU: 

It is still possible to apply for a scholarship until July 2024.

We are beyond thankful for the support of the PIONEER PORT in our initiative!






Lea Heinrich

PioneerPort & Transfer | Leitung PioneerPort & EXIST Women
Student Life Cycle & Scholarships | Student Project Office (SPOff)

Equal Opportunities Officer (deputy)

Phone: 49 7541 6009 1606

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