April 13th

Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen 

Speakers and Panels 

Ada salas

GOOGLE x Ffn - keynote

Petra Ehmann was talking about the future of Augumented Reality.

PEtra Ehmann

Augmented Reality @Google, Standford and ETH Alumna & BILANZ Top 100 Digital Shaper 

Opportunities & Sacrifice Panel

What opportunities and risks do I face?

Angela Lehmann



Hannah Klose

Founder Bittersweet

Club & TEDx Speaker

Founder Talkfinder

Moderation & Speaker



Networking Panel 

Why is networking so important during entrepreneurial activities?

Constance Ast

Chairwoman VdU -

Association of German Women Entrepreneurs

val Racheeva

Founder Female Founder Space & Co - Publisher of Female Founders Book

Ideas Panel 

How to find a great startup ideas?



Co- Founder

Lenchen Lebkuchen



Co- Founder

Lenchen Lebkuchen

Funding panel

How much startup- capital do I need for my start-up and how can I generate funding?



Founder Mamikreisel (now Vinted), McGyver & CEO Fruitiverse



CEO He Space

& die Astronautin 

How everything started...

It all started when Constanze Layher and two other women were the only people interested in founding a business at the student start-up roundtable in 2017. Constanze wondered how it could be that out of 20 men, only three women were interested in becoming entrepreneurs. So she founded the Female Founders Night because we all knew that this had to change and that more women were needed to deal with entrepreneurship.


In 2018, with a team of twelve and 140 attendees, we organized the first student event in Europe that motivates women to start their own business. Without the volunteers of the core team back then, Female Founders Night would not exist today. So a big thank you goes to: Victoria Waterböhr, Cara Cramer, Lea Kessler, Sophie Retsch, Julia Kraus, Lennart Hirschbiegel and Constanze Layher. As well as many more who supported the team and the Female Founders Night in 2018. 

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