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X THINC! at Mannheim University

3rd of May 2024

We are super excited to announce a powerful collaboration between thinc! and Female Founders Night! 

thinc! is a student initiative for entrepreneurship at the University of Mannheim. Whether you’re dreaming of launching your own startup or simply crave a community of innovative minds, thinc! is your go-to destination.

The Female Founders Night was founded by students of Zeppelin University at Friedrichshafen, this initiative is all about fostering a platform for individuals of every gender who share a passion for entrepreneurship and founding. 

At the heart of our collaboration lies a shared belief: diversity fuels creativity, innovation, and success in the entrepreneurial realm. Together, we’re poised to inspire, empower, and elevate aspiring entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. Get ready to join us on this incredible journey!

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